Teaching Platform – Writing

I believe that all types of writing should be encouraged in the classroom. I believe that students should have the opportunity to free write as well as write based on a given prompt. I personally enjoy free and creative writing and I would like to include these types of writing in my classroom. I think that creativity is important and allows students to express themselves and their own ideas, which is a key part to a culturally responsive classroom.

I have seen many different types of writing and I have led writing before. I worked with students on writing to a prompt, revising and editing in my internship during the Fall 2013 semester. This semester, I have focused more on free writing in my primary classroom. I have worked with individuals, small groups, and whole group. I am eager to gain more experiences with writing in my final internship.

In my college Writing course, we have studied the 6+1 Traits of Writing. I have been using the 6+1 Traits of Writing: The Complete Guide for the Primary Grades by Ruth Culham. I enjoy this book because it provides specific examples of writing and how to grade them based on the rubrics included in the book. This textbook outlines seven traits of writing that include ideas, sentence fluency, organization, word choice, voice, conventions, and presentation. It has been interesting to read this textbook because I did not realize how important each of these concepts are. I also did not realize how much one trait affects the viewpoint of the reader. For example, reading a story that has great ideas and voice but struggles with conventions and organization can be difficult. I have personally struggled with this as I have worked with primary students this semester, but as time has passed, I have grown as a teacher. I sometimes struggle with reading writing samples but I noticed that this has become easier with practice.

I will continue to grow and work with students on writing. I cannot wait to integrate writing into my future classroom because I have found many great ideas from other teachers as well as online resources that I think will work well for my students.


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