Espoused Platform Conference (Interview) (Fall 2013):

Espoused Platform Conference (Interview) (Fall 2013):

This conference can be viewed as a video here: or by clicking on the title.

1) Why did you choose to become a teacher?

“Ever since I was a child, I strove to help others succeed. When I was in elementary school, I used to take out my chalkboard and teach my siblings math. As I got older, I would help my classmates if they had problems with comprehension. I remember my math teacher in high school joked that I was the teacher because everyone came to me for help instead of her. I just really enjoy watching someone finally grasp a concept and I hope to help others do this every day in my classroom.”

2) Five years after your students have left the classroom, what do you want them to say about you as a person? About your teaching? About the learning that occurred during their time with you?

“I want my students to say that I was kind and open and that I was really helpful. If they ever had a problem, they could go to me whether it was a personal problem or a problem with what they were learning. I want my students to say they really enjoyed what they learned and that they still remember things years later.”

3) Why should students learn the content that you teach?

“Students should learn the content that I teach because it will help them grow as individuals. My lessons will appeal to their visual, kinesthetic and aural learning styles so that everyone will be engaged. I will teach them lessons that will interest them as well as help them acquire a greater understanding of various subjects like math, science, reading, etc.”

4) How will you know that you have taught a successful lesson? How do you know when your students have learned what you hope to convey?

“When I teach I will watch my students to see if they are engaged and participating in the lesson. If my students are engaged, then they should have learned what I hoped to convey. I could assess my students with a test afterwards but I understand that not all students are good test takers so I would provide other forms of assessment throughout the year such as oral exams, worksheets and group activities so that that way I will know that everyone can succeed.”

5) If I were a new student and asked you, ‘What do you expect from me?’ how would you respond?

“I would tell you that I expect you to do your best even if a lesson or task is difficult. I would expect you to ask me for help, either during or after the lesson, if you needed it so I could help you learn. And I would expect you to come to class prepared to lean.”

6) If I were a parent of a new student and asked you to describe the learning environment in your classroom, how would you respond?

“The learning environment in my classroom accommodates all learning styles: visual, reading and writing, kinesthetic and aural. I do not just lecture in front of my students. We all work together to foster the learning process. Students work by themselves, in pairs and in small groups throughout the week. As a teacher, I always make sure that my students are engaged and that everyone learns.”

7) What analogy would you use to describe what you hope to be as a teacher? You might answer these statements: ‘Teaching is like a ________’ or ‘Teaching is ______’?

“Teaching is like relearning the magic all over again. You get to see students and work with them and watch them learn and grow as individuals and it is a really great experience.”


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