Senior Picture

My name is Nicole Leonick.

I graduated from Gulf High School in the top ten of my class. I was in the International Baccalaureate (IB) program while in high school. I not only completed this program but I received the IB Diploma by passing all of my IB tests. The scores for the IB exams range from a 1-7 with 4 being a passing grade. I received a 5 or above for all of my IB tests and I even received a 7 for my IB Math Exam.

I am currently a junior at the University of South Florida (USF). This will be my third year as a member of the Honors College at USF. I am an Elementary Education major. I am also a member of the Elementary Teacher Residency Program, also known as the Teacher Residency Partnership Program (TRPP). This is a special, rigorous program that allows me to work closely with elementary students on a daily basis.

The honors that I have been awarded include:

  • I was on the Honor Roll for my entire educational experience.
  • I received Perfect Attendance for my entire high school career. I have missed only ten days of class from elementary school to high school.
  • I graduated high school with “Magna Cum Laude.”
  • I received the Rotary Club Academic Achievement Award, which was given to the top twenty students in Gulf High School and River Ridge High School.
  • I graduated high school in the top ten of my class. I graduated 37th in the district of over three thousand students.
  • I am in the Honors College at the University of South Florida.

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