Week 1 – Welcome Back – Semester 2

This week was my first week back with my collaborating teacher and my students after winter break. I was very happy to see that my students were ready to go on the first day. I am so excited at all of the gains that my students have made; my collaborating teacher and I have made sure to celebrate the progress of our students. For example, one of my English Language Learners, who spoke very little English and did very little writing in English, has now moved on to writing in complete sentences and is always asking for me help to spell different words. One of my most fantastic things about noticing growth is when the other students celebrate it as well. For example, this student has gotten a lot of praise from his peers and during this past week everyone cheered for him. The smile on his face really showed me that he was proud of his accomplishments and growth.

I have also made a lot of growth from last semester. In the beginning of my time in the Residency program I was nervous about planning; however, I continue to take the lead on planning and teaching both Social Studies and Science. I continue to co-plan and co-teach English Language Arts and Mathematics every week with my collaborating teacher. I am so happy that I have the opportunity to plan everything with the help of my collaborating teacher. She has provided me with so much knowledge and experience, which has really helped me grow as a future educator. I also really enjoy knowing exactly what will be taught in the classroom at all times, even when I am not there when I am in my college courses. It really makes me feel like a central and crucial part of the classroom.

Content coaching will begin next week, with Science as the first subject area. This semester we will focus more on planning based on the standards and units in content coaching, which is very exciting. For this semester, I hope to continue working alongside my collaborating teacher in planning and teaching but I hope to plan and teach all subject areas. I am so excited for everything that is coming!


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