Weekly Reflection 2-24-14 – 2-28-14

 This week I had a meeting with my collaborating teacher concerning my goals for the FEAPs. I had looked at the FEAPs by myself on multiple occasions and I had selected some goals that I thought I would be able to meet. I presented these possibilities to my collaborating teacher today along with some evidence that I would use to support these goals. We decided on the goals that I will be working towards and so I am sending them to you in this email to be discussed tomorrow during out meeting.

For FEAP 1, “Instructional Design and Lesson Planning. Applying concepts from human development and learning theories, the effective educators consistently …”

  •  a) Aligns instruction with state-adopted standards at the appropriate level or rigor.

In order to meet this goal, I would like to look at the standards for the lessons that I have been working on, such as Word Wizard, so I can see how standards are integrated into lessons. I would like to design my own lesson which would consist of a read aloud and then a written response from the students. I would like to start by performing a regular interactive read aloud for pleasure and then working towards a lesson that is aligned with a standard.

For FEAP 2, “The Learning Environment. To maintain a student-centered learning environment that is safe, organized, equitable, flexible, inclusive, and collaborative, the effective educator consistently…”

  • b) Manages individual and class behaviors through a well-planned management system.

I have currently been doing this in my classroom and so I thought this would be a great goal for me since I have been working towards this throughout the year. In my classroom, there are a variety of methods used to manage behavior. Some students have specific behavior plans and when a student misbehaves, then he or she receives a warning which is marked on his or her card and/or a letter is taken away from his or her name which is written on the board in dry erase marker. If a student receives too many warnings, then he or she changes his or her color from green to yellow, then to orange, and finally to red. I have already been using this system with the students. I have taken letters away, written down the warnings on their specific cards, and made them change their colors in response to misbehavior. I have also been documenting the amount of warnings they receive and the colors that they end up on.

For FEAP 2, there is another goal that I would like to work towards that relates to my Inquiry question and the culminating assignment of this semester called the Story of My Professional Learning, which is a video that documents my progress throughout the semester and the inquiry that I have researched/performed.

  • h) Adapts the learning environment to accommodate the differing needs and diversity of students

My Inquiry Question is: “How do I accommodate for the visual, kinesthetic, and oral learning styles of my students in social studies, math, and English?” I believe that by working towards my inquiry, I will also be able to meet this FEAPs goal.

There are a variety of ways for me to meet this goal but one lesson that I have been teaching for the past two weeks called “Word Wizard” works very well for accommodating the learners in my classroom. Every day, the students have the option of choosing the job to be the “Word Wizard” for the day. In the morning, the Word Wizard goes to the front of the classroom and he or she chooses the methods in which we will spell out our current sight words. For the past two weeks, our sight words have been “play,” “little,” “and,” and “is.”

The students can see and read the words on their index cards and then we say the words, spell them multiple times, and use them in a sentence.

My collaborating teacher has all of the index cards already written out along with matching sentences. This is a picture of the sentences for all of our current sight words for Word Wizard. Below are close-ups of the sentences.

Above is the sentences for “is.”

This is the sentence for “little.”

This is the sentence for “play.”

This is the sentence for “and.”

Then, we spell the words based on the two methods that the Word Wizard has chosen. These methods are fun ways to act out spell a word. For example, for “movie star kisses,” students blow a kiss into the air for ever letter and then wave when they say the word. This lesson accommodates for oral and kinesthetic learners but there is little for visual learners since the words are written on index cards. I just asked my collaborating teacher today if I could make a poster using chart paper and write the words on this so they are larger and clearer. The Word Wizard could also trace the words when we spell them the first time so the students get to see how to properly write out the letters. My collaborating teacher loved this idea and I just made the poster and I will be introducing the concept in class before the meeting.


When I performed Word Wizard on Friday, I pulled aside the Word Wizard and I discussed this new concept. He was really excited about the idea of tracing the words. He was able to accurately trace the letters; however, he traced the letters slower than we said the letters. I was a bit distracted because I wanted the students to be able to see the Word Wizard trace the letters as the class said each letter; however, I do not believe this will always be possible and I want students to be focused on orally spelling out and saying the words. I believe it will be easier to use this addition as I get used to being in the front of the classroom and performing Word Wizard.

My collaborating teacher who normally performs Word Wizard will finally be returning to the classroom on Monday so I will have a discussion with her about how my involvement in Word Wizard will continue for the rest of the semester. I would love to practice team teaching with her but I am not sure if I will completely take over Word Wizard when I am available in the mornings or if we will simply co-teach. I would be very happy with either option.

For FEAPs 5: “Continuous Professional Improvement. The effective educator consistently…”

  • b) Examines and uses data-informed research to improve instruction and student achievement

This goal also incorporates my Inquiry and my Story of My Professional Learning. My goal is to incorporate the research that I find for my inquiry into the classroom in order to meet my goal for FEAPs 2h. I believe this that goal is very straightforward because I will find research, study it in my personal time, and then take what I have learned from the research and implement it into the classroom.

I will continuously track my goals and collect evidence of my actions towards my goals. I am currently video taping and taking pictures of everything that I possibly can in the classroom. I am very excited to have these goals to guide me, especially since I have been already working on some of these goals.


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