Weekly Reflection 12/9/13 – 12/13/13

      Today was my final day with my students. I had a great day with them, which I will explain later in this post. First I would like to discuss the rest of the week. I missed school on Wednesday for personal reasons (which was excused) and Thursday my class went on a field trip. I was unsure if I should go on the field trip since I am a level 1 intern and after a lot of thinking, I decided not to go.

            This week, I continued working on the Creepy Cupcake stories. I actually finished almost the entire class (two students are still working on their stories). I made all of the pages as well as the cover page. My collaborating teacher really liked what I put together, which was really nice.

When I decorated the pages, I layered colored paper and pictures. This is a picture of the front cover (see left) and the back of the front cover (see right). Please note that the teacher’s name and student’s faces have been removed in order to protect the privacy of my students.

A 1

I decided to add some stickers to these pages to make them more cheerful and brighter. Below is a picture of the finished cover page.

A 2

The pages that I had previously completed were laminated and ready. I finished everything else and dropped off these pages to be laminated. Unfortunately, I will have to wait to see the finished book but I am very excited to see it! I added stickers like these on pages throughout the book. Some of the pages will be shown below. As I mentioned before, students’ names and faced will be blurred in order to protect their rights and privacy.

a 3


            Today, I brought in some candy canes and pencils for each of my students and my collaborating teacher. I also brought in a small present (a candle) for my collaborating teacher.

a 4

My collaborating teacher and class surprised me by each making a card for me (my teacher bought a card and wrote in it for me). Below is the bundle of cards that my teacher gave to me.

a 5

My collaborating teacher also brought in cupcakes to have a celebration for me being a great intern in her class.

 a 6

My collaborating teacher was really great and I had a great time with the students. We all took some pictures together and they all said good bye and good luck to me. I really enjoyed everything that they did for me. I read some of their cards in class and they were adorable. A few of my students even gave me some bracelets, rings and necklaces (made from rubber bands).

 a 7
Above is one of the notes from a student along with the bracelets and necklaces that she made for me. (Please note, her name has been removed).

I read all of the cards when I got home and they were all very sweet. Everyone really appreciated all of the work I did and all of the help I gave them. It was such a great experience.

I have really had a wonderful time with my class. I am sad to see them go but I am excited to meet my new class next semester. I will be an intern in a kindergarten class, which will be a huge shift for me. I’m so excited! I really loved working with my collaborating teacher and I hope to keep in contact with her. She said I can visit at any time and I definitely will! She also said that I can contact her and ask for help if necessary and she would do her best to help me. I cannot believe the time went by so fast but I really enjoyed each and every minute in my classroom.


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