Management Task Reflection and Analyses: Lining Up Students

This is a video that I made about lining up students in my classroom. All of the video and photos were taken by me. Students’ faces have been blurred to protect their privacy. No student names are mentioned in the video.


3 thoughts on “Management Task Reflection and Analyses: Lining Up Students

  1. Wow, Nicole! Your video showed examples of the task and offered reflection on the experience. I challenge you to think about how you can support your claims with evidence in the reflection part. For instance, at the very end, you make the claim that your students followed your directions well. When evidence can you connect to in order to support that claim? I’m looking forward to seeing more! It’s hard to believe this was your first video.

    1. Thank you! The evidence that I can connect to for my claim would be the finalized line of students. The students were in a straight line as they normally would. They looked to me to hear whether or not they could leave the classroom through the direction, “Go ahead.” Once they heard me say that direction, they followed and walked outside silently in a straight line. They went to the door and waited again for my directions as they were supposed to.

      1. Definitely. Those are observational statements that would have supported your claim. Thanks for sharing, and I hope you’ll include those kinds of data to support claims in your future videos. Looking forward to learning more!

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